Maternal and Child Health

The Baltimore Infants and Toddlers Program (BITP) is an interagency program for families with young children who may be experiencing a delay in development or who have been diagnosed with a condition that is likely to affect development.

B’more for Healthy Babies (BHB) is an innovative initiative to reduce infant mortality in Baltimore City through programs emphasizing policy change, service improvements, community mobilization, and behavior change. 

Baltimore's youth are amazing and resilient and this strategy aims to remove anything that may stand in their way.

The Maternal and Infant (M&I) Care Program visits pregnant women and infants who live in Baltimore City in their homes to help improve their health. Services are provided by nurses, social workers and community outreach workers free of charge

The mission of Family Planning and Reproductive Health is to reduce unintended pregnancies and to improve pregnancy outcomes by providing reproductive health services to women and men ages 25 to 50. Services are also available to Teens (Healthy Teens & Young Adults).

Baltimore city has a teen birth rate twice as high as the state of Maryland and three times as high as the national average. 

The Healthy Teens and Young Adults' (HTYA) mission is to reduce unintended pregnancies and to improve pregnancy outcomes by providing reproductive health services to young women and men 10 - 24 years of age.

The Baltimore City Health Department’s Immunization Program offers services to help prevent vaccine preventable disease, to conduct disease surveillance, and to provide and monitor immunization related health education and community outreach.

WIC participants receive benefits such as vouchers to purchase healthy foods at no cost to participant, nutrition education and counseling, and health screenings - growth and weight assessments for pregnant women, infants and children.


The Bureau of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) supports the health and wellbeing of pregnant women, children, and their caregivers in Baltimore City. Its leading initiative, B’more for Healthy Babies, provides the guiding strategic vision around improving birth outcomes via policy development, community engagement, and innovative services. Longstanding core MCH programs include Baltimore Infant and Toddlers, Fetal and Infant Mortality Review, Maternal and Infant Care, and Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).  

View the 2021 Baltimore City Child Fatality Review (CFR) 5-Year Report here.

The Coronavirus Vaccine is here! Visit this page to see frequently asked questions about the vaccine, focused on new and expecting mothers. 

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