Office of Youth and Trauma Services


 To partner with Baltimore communities to prevent harm, promote resilience, and encourage healing


Baltimore City residents are safe, healed, and thriving


In 2002, despite reductions in violent crime due to police initiatives, Baltimore remained one of the most dangerous cities in the country. In acknowledging homicide, the leading cause of death for African-American males aged 15-24, as preventable, and therefore a public health issue, the Baltimore City Health Department established the Office of Youth Violence Prevention (OYVP) in late October 2002. In 2018, the office was renamed the Office of Youth and Trauma Services.

Core Values


OYTS serves as a model of trust and genuine sincerity to all stakeholders through building healthy and authentic relationships.


OYTS works in mutual partnership with communities, agencies, program participants, clients, and other stakeholders to effectively support access and delivery of trauma-informed and culturally sensitive services to the public.


OYTS understands stakeholder experiences through the lens of others’ perspectives while avoiding judgment.


OYTS encourages and supports uplift, voice, and choice for all stakeholders.


OYTS supports and promotes an environment that is fair with freedom from bias or favoritism.

Current Programs

The Office of Youth and Trauma Services is dedicated to combating the epidemic of violence among our city’s young people through innovative public health programming and policy initiatives. We work closely with community stakeholders, state and local agencies, and public health experts on both our own programs and on citywide initiatives that address violence and trauma.

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