Environmental Health

In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Environmental Services Office is closed at this time

  • All licenses that expire March 5, 2020, and after are extended until after the end of the state of emergency per Governor Hogan.  They will not incur late fees. 

  • All facilities that are currently undergoing Plan Review (change of ownership or new food facilities) should contact Jerry Welch between 9:00 am-5:00 pm  at (443)-865-3991

  • Facilities may still send their permit renewals through the mail. 

  • Waste Hauler license applications may be submitted via mail and must include a copy of the vehicle’s registration.

  • Mailing Address: 1001 E. Fayette St. Baltimore, MD 21202




The Bureau of Environmental Health is comprised of two programs: Environmental Inspection Services and Animal Services.

Environmental Inspection Services

Services are provided to regulate facilities and to enforce the Baltimore City Health Code and applicable state and federal rules and regulations as they relate to environmental health. 

Plan Review:  The Plan Review section is the first stop for most facilities looking to obtain a license. New food service facilities or facilities under new ownership, including swimming pools and tattoo establishments, must submit plans and undergo an initial Plan Review inspection prior to license approval.

Food Control: This section conducts routine inspections for food service facilities and temporary food service facilities. In addition, complaint investigations for food service facilities and food borne outbreak investigations are conducted by the Food Control staff.

Ecology: This section conducts routine inspections of tattoo establishments, swimming pools and spas, and school cafeterias. The Ecology staff also conducts complaint investigations for nuisances such as mosquitoes, odors, noise, early morning trash collection and indoor smoking in public buildings.