Infectious Disease

Office of Acute Communicable Diseases 

 The ACD Program’s mission is to reduce the incidence of acute communicable disease (other than TB, STDs, and HIV/AIDs) in Baltimore City through prevention, surveillance, investigation, and control of disease and outbreaks occurrences. Maryland state law requires the monitoring of communicable diseases in order to prevent and control disease outbreaks.  The Code of Maryland Regulations (“COMAR”) 10.06.01 Communicable Diseases requires that health care providers, hospitals, laboratories, school and child care facility personnel report in writing or via telephone diagnosed or suspected cases of communicable disease as well as outbreaks. The HIPAA Privacy Rule permits the disclosure of protected health information without a patient’s written authorization, to public health authorities that are legally authorized to receive such reports for the purpose of preventing or controlling disease. ACD receives mandatory case reports of over sixty acute communicable diseases from all physicians, labs, and hospital infection control practitioners in Baltimore City. 

A list of Maryland reportable communicable diseases and guidelines.

For health care providers to report a reportable disease use the Maryland Confidentiality Reporting Form and fax to 410-625-0688.

To report a communicable disease during normal business hours call 410-396-4436. For any urgent infectious disease matter or reporting an outbreak after hours or on weekends call the Baltimore City Operator at 410-396-3100.

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