Policies and Initiatives

Baltimore City Health Department Directive and Order For Quarantine, Isolation, and Placement of Vulnerable Persons in Non-Congregate Shelterings- April 27, 2020

Healthy Baltimore 2020 

Healthy Baltimore 2020 is our blueprint for health in the city, and focuses on "upstream" interventions: tackling the issues we believe will most significantly impact the health of our residents and address them as early as possible. 

Learn more by reading the full blueprint here. 

Funding, Grants, and RFPs

Learn about funding opportunities from BCHD.

HIPAA Policies and Procedures 

Information on BCHD and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, commonly known as HIPAA, includes both Policies and Procedures and the Privacy Practices.

Equal Employment Opportunity Plan Utilization Report

The City of Baltimore understands that the success of every City agency depends on the ability to attract and retain the best available talent and to help those individuals reach their fullest potential.

Accordingly, the City remains firmly committed to equal employment opportunities for all employees and job applicants and to developing a highly talented and diverse workforce that can deliver the best possible services to the citizens of Baltimore.

The state of Health in Baltimore: White Papers 

Conversations across our city often focus on the state of the economy, public safety, and education. These are all essential issues – but there is another critical topic that cuts across all of them: health.


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