Health Clinics & Services

Oral Health Services provides preventive and urgent dental care services to low-income, uninsured and Medicaid-eligible residents of Baltimore City. Dental services are available at two dental clinics located in West and East Baltimore and as part of the school-based oral health prevention program.

The mission of Family Planning and Reproductive Health is to reduce unintended pregnancies and to improve pregnancy outcomes by providing reproductive health services to women and men ages 25 to 50. Services are also available to Teens (Healthy Teens & Young Adults).

Total Health Care’s Men’s Health Center is no longer located at Baltimore City Health Department’s 1515 W. North Avenue Location

Total Health Care 


Getting yourself tested for sexually transmitted infections is the first step in taking responsibility for your sexual health and the health of your partners. Get a free test for HIV or other sexually transmitted infection at one of our clinics.

The Tuberculosis Control Program provides free services for clients with suspected or confirmed tuberculosis (TB) disease. All confirmed TB cases in Baltimore City are referred to the TB program for treatment. 

The document below shows locations in Baltimore City that serve uninsured Baltimore City residents. Please call ahead prior to visiting.

The Spot Mobile Clinic
The Spot is an integrated health team established in 2018 through a public-private partnership between the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Baltimore City Health Department. The Spot provides free, low-barrier, integrated healthcare in communities affected by overdose.

The Baltimore City Health Department offers and oversees services for: sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, family planning, maternal and infant health, immunizations, asthma, senior care, cancer screening, and lead poisoning prevention services, among others.

Construction of the new Eastern Clinic (1200 E. Fayette St.) has been completed! The new clinic houses the STD, Dental, Family Planning, Immunization, and Tuberculosis programs, and School Health, Maternal and Infant Health, and Field Health Services also have offices within the building.