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The Food Control Section licenses and regulates over 5,000 food facilities in Baltimore City. Its mission is to ensure that all food sold and served is safe for consumption. Under Health Code Section 6-101(c), a food service facility means:

  1. A place where food or drink is prepared for sale or service on the premises or elsewhere; or
  2. An operation where food is served to or provided for the public with or without charge.
    • ​​"Food" includes:​
      •  Ice;
      • Beverages (non-alcoholic); and
      • Chewing gum or any substance used as component of chewing gum. HE §6-101(b)(2),(3)
    •  Examples of businesses we license and inspect:
      • Restaurants
      • Grocery store
      • Mobile food carts
      • Bars/taverns
      • Market stalls
      • Public and private schools
      • Caterers
      • Special event food vendors
      • Summer camps
      • Bakeries
      • Church kitchens

Effective December 13, 2014, facilities offering only prepackaged foods that are not potentially hazardous such as hard-boiled shell eggs that have been air-cooled with the shell intact, bottled sodas and bagged chips as well as hotels, lodging or rooming houses serving only continental breakfast are no longer considered food service facilities and therefore will no longer be licensed by the Baltimore City Health Department.

Additionally, qualifying excluded organizations will be permited to make:

  • A non-rescindable decision to operate with a license and in full compliance with COMAR 10.15.03; or
  • A decision to operate without a license and in compliance B – E of COMAR, which establish the minimum requirements to ensure food safety at a food service facility operated by an excluded organization without a license

An excluded organization is a bona fide nonprofit fraternal, civic, war veterans’, religious, or charitable organization or corporations that does not serve food to the public more often than 4 days per week, except that once a year an organization may serve food to the public for up to 14 consecutive days.

Complaints regarding the unsafe food handling or unsanitary conditions of a food services facility can be reported by calling 311 or by accessing the Baltimore CitiTrack Service Request System online.

Applications and Permits

Certified Food Manager Application
Food License Application
Special Event Permit
Temporary Food Facility Application
Plan Review Application

Guidelines for Operating Food Establishments

Requirements for Carts and Street Vendors 
Temporary Food License Factsheet
Food Service Facilities in Child Care Centers and Family Day Cares
Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR 10.15.03)

Baltimore City Health Code 
Regulations for the Certification of Food Service Managers

HACCP Guidlines

See Plan Review section:

For information on how do I open a new food establishment, or change ownership of an existing food establishment

If modifying the structure, equipment, layout, menu or food preparation and handling procedures at an existing food service facility

Please Note:In an effort to reduce the use of paper, please submit menu, equipment list, HACCP plan and any other documents you may already have in electronic format via email.

Please Guidelines for Submitting a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plan for information and examples on how to prepare your HACCP.


Plastic Bag Reduction Program (pdf): Applies to all Food License Holders

For access to electronic copies of food service inspection reports as of January 1, 2016, please go to Baltimore City Health Department Food Facility Inspection Reports page here.

Food Safety Resources

FDA Publication Request Form
USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
Food Safety

USDA Fact Sheets

Safe Food Handling
Meat Preparation
Poultry Preparation
Egg Products Preparation
Appliances & Thermometers
Foodborne Illness and Disease
Food Labelling

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