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How Do I Apply for a Swimming Pool License? (If Renewing, Jump to Step 5)

  1. Visit the plan examiner's office located at 417 E. Fayette St. to submit blueprints.
  2. Apply for a use and occupancy permit at the Department of Planning, also located at 417 E. Fayette Street.
  3. Contact the Health Department's Environmental Inspection Services to schedule an initial inspection.
  4. Submit completed Virginia Graeme Baker Act Compliance form. Note: This only has to be submitted once unless changes have been made to the pool, pump, or anti-entrapment drain covers.
  5. Submit completed application and provide all current certificates:
    • Pool operator training certification;
    • Lifeguard training certification for the number of lifeguards required for your pool's size (see Regulations For Swimming Pools dated April 30, 2014);
    • Completed Swimming Pool License Application, which includes copies of all current certifications – pool/spa operator certificate(s), CPR certificate(s), lifeguard and first aid certificate(s); and
    • $455 pool license fee 
  6. Submit the completed ADA Affidavit. Swimming pool and spa applicants must submit an affidavit to document compliance with the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design; permits will not be issued without one.
  7. Pools generally will be inspected by the Bureau of Ecology after the license is issued. However, for public schools and the Department of Recreation and Parks pools, pools must be inspected prior to license issuance.

Note: Licenses must be renewed every year.


Healthy Swimming/ Recreational Water (CDC) Fact Sheets

Swimming Pool License Application


Pool Chemical Safety: Storage (CDC)
Pool Chemical Safety: Use (CDC)
Make a Healthy Splash! (CDC)
Diarrhea and Swimming Don't Mix 8.5x11 (CDC)
Pee and Swimming Don't Mix 8.5x11 (CDC)
Healthy Swimming/Recreational Pool Operation and Water Swimmer Hygiene (CDC)


Share the Fun...not the Germs, and Make a Healthy Splash (CDC) 
Before You Go to the Beach (EPA)

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