Family Caregiver Application

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Dear Caregiver,

Thank you for contacting the Baltimore City Health Department Division of Aging and Community Support, National Caregivers Support Program for assistance with your caregiving responsibilities for your loved ones.

The Office Division of Aging and Community Support is the primary program in the city responsible for advocating for and delivering services to older adults, their families, and caregivers in the City of Baltimore.

Enclosed you will find the forms needed to process your request for caregiver assistance. Please review the packet, carefully complete all forms, and return them to our office as soon as possible. Please note that all applications are based on a first come, first served basis and the availability of funds.

The information contained in this application packet is legally privileged and confidential; it is intended for the use of this application only.

If you need assistance with your grant application or other services, please contact me at (410) 396-1337 or (443) 615-6233; email:

Jazmine Adams
Program Assistant