Maryland Access Point (MAP)


Maryland Access Point of Baltimore City

Maryland Access Point (MAP) serves as the entry point for obtaining information, referrals, and options counseling for seniors, adults with disabilities, their families, caregivers, and professionals.

The Baltimore City MAP phone number is 410-396-CARE. Calls are answered by a team of Certified Information and Assistance Specialists (CIRS), Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

If you are seeking services in other counties in Maryland, you may contact the Maryland MAP by calling 1-844-627-5465. The Maryland MAP website offers information about health and support services for older Marylanders and persons with disabilities.

Maryland Access Point of Baltimore City provides

  • Screening and referrals for services and benefits

  • Brochures and booklets on a variety of topics mailed to your door

  • Information and assistance for seniors and their families

  • Loan Closet durable medical equipment for loan to people over age 60

  • Options Counseling for seniors and adults with disabilities

Contact MAP of Baltimore City by calling 410-396-CARE or visit our office located at 417 E Fayette Street, 6 Floor Baltimore MD, 21202

  •  MAP provides outreach to its community, educating its consumers about the services that are available to them.  To request an outreach event, or a presentation from MAP please call 410-396-2273 or fill out the form below and send it back to 417 East Fayette Street, 6th floor, Baltimore, MD 21202.       PDF icon MAP Referral Muti-purpose.pdf

  • Benefits CheckUp: MAP administers a free and confidential questionnaire that helps to determine programs and services that an individual may be eligible for on a local state and federal level. Individuals 55 and older can complete the questionnaire attached and mail it to 417 East Fayette Street, 6th floor, Baltimore, Maryland 21202. The MAP office can also send the Benefits CheckUp questionnaire through the mail. To receive a copy of the questionnaire please call 410-396-2273.PDF icon Benefits Check Up.pdf

  • Economic Checkup: MAP administers a free and confidential questionnaire that can help you identify the programs and services you may be eligible for on a local, state, and federal level. Economic Check-Up Flyer Autosaved.pdf

  • Options Counseling: Individuals can contact MAP to speak with qualified staff to identify long-term goals, needs, and challenges. Together, you’ll develop a written plan, locate available public and private services, and get connected as needed. This person-centered plan will be designed to fit your preferences and financial options. 410-396-2273 to discuss long-term care goals and support services.

  • Resource Request: MAP provides resources and educational materials for personal needs, community members, or community events - i.e: Resource directories, gold cards, housing lists, taxi card applications, water discount applications, and energy assistance applications. To request a resource call 410-396-2273 or fill out the form below. PDF icon MAP Referral Muti-purpose.pdf

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