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These programs help older adults stay safe and healthy in their homes.

We offer programs specifically related to fall prevention and chronic disease self-management because:

  • Falls are the number one reason why older adults visit the emergency department.
  • 40% of people who enter a nursing home have had a fall in the prior 30 days.
  • Chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease are the leading cause of death for older adults.

When older adults learn the skills to prevent falls and manage their chronic conditions, they can enjoy much healthier, happier years at home.

Contact 410-396-1337 to find the next workshop near you or find out how to run one at your location.

Stepping On
Stepping On is an evidence-based program focused on preventing falls. Participants will learn about positive lifestyle changes they can make to stay independent, upright, and active. These strategies include strength and balance exercises, medication management, and techniques for getting up after a fall.

Living Well With Diabetes
This diabetes self-management workshop is designed to help older adults incorporate lifestyle changes that support staying healthy. The workshop covers a variety of topics including blood sugar monitoring, nutrition, and healthy eating, fitness and exercise, and skin and foot care. Participants will also learn techniques for better communication with their health professionals, family, and friends.

Chronic Disease Self Management Program
We also offer self-management workshops that cover the basics of managing a variety of chronic health conditions. Participants will learn skills to help them better manage their health conditions, make healthy food choices, and handle pain, fatigue, and stress in positive ways. We also emphasize fitness and exercise, and techniques for better communication with health professionals, family, and friends.

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