Falls Prevention Strategy

Falls Prevention

OUR GOAL: Decrease the rate of ER visits & hospitalizations for falls for older adults by 20 percent over 10 years in Baltimore City

How will we get there?

1) Identify high-risk neighborhoods 

BCHD is using B'FRIEND data to map out where falls are happening in the city in real-time and identify "hot spots" where more older adults are experiencing falls.  To learn more about B'FRIEND.

2) Target Proven Interventions in Hot Spots

  1. Physical activity to improve strength, balance, and coordination with exercise programs                                                       

  2. Medication management to monitor medications for interactions

  3. Vision screening to check for and correct poor vision

  4. House assessment to make home modifications to eliminate hazards

Steps to Prevent Falls

3) Launch a public health campaign about preventing falls


Public health campaigns are effective educational tools for increasing public awareness, knowledge, and action.

We will seek to:

  • Inform and engage medical professionals to better coordinate care in hot spots

  • Engage community members and caregivers around falls prevention

  • Assist in training and deploying older adults to provide peer-to-peer support

Download and Share the Baltimore Falls Reduction Strategy Infographic


BCHD and our community partners invite you to use and share this infographic to better understand and advance the Baltimore Fall Reduction Strategy.

Falls Prevention Infographic