Get A Pet License

How to Apply for a Pet License

Step 1: Have your pet(s) vaccinated for rabies, and keep the rabies vaccination certificate.

Step 2: Apply online, in person, or by mail and that link should then go directly to the Pet Data website

Multi-pet Permit No Longer Required

Pet owners with three or more dogs and cats are no longer required to obtain a Multi-pet Permit (Private Kennel License) in Baltimore City.

The provision was repealed in December 2012 because it was recognized that there are many households in Baltimore that can care for three or more animals, particularly indoor cats, without incident and that people were not purchasing pet licenses to avoid drawing attention to the need for a kennel license.

All cats and dogs over age four (4) months must still be licensed.  Pet licensing is extremely important as a means of confirming that pets have been inoculated against rabies.  Rabies inoculation is necessary, even for pets that remain indoors, because bats frequently gain entry to homes and are then pursued by pets, making bites likely.  Licensing helps reunite lost animals with their owners and provides critically needed revenue to support open admission shelters, such as BARCS.