School-Based Health Centers

School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) are primary care health centers that offer preventive, primary acute and chronic, care services to students in addition to the standard services offered in all school health suites. SBHCs are designed to assure that all students who are enrolled in the school have access to convenient, comprehensive health services in a caring, non-judgmental environment at a health center located in their school building. SBHCs are designed to overcome barriers to health care such as concerns over confidentiality, lack of transportation, inconvenient appointment times, cost, parental loss of time from work, lack of insurance coverage, and general apprehension about discussing health issues. Please note that students enrolled in schools where SBHCs are located must also register as SBHC participants to utilize the SBHC. Students do not have to register to receive standard school health services.

SBHC Services

  • All School Health Services
  • Annual Health Maintenance
  • Sports and Annual Physicals
  • Immunizations
  • Care of Acute Illnesses and Injuries
  • Referrals for Behavioral Health Services
  • Health Education
  • Case Management
  • Basic Laboratory Tests
  • Reproductive Health Care 

SBHC Locations

  • Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts | 1500 Harlem Ave. 21217
  • City Springs Elementary Middle School | 100 S. Caroline St. 21231
  • Digital Harbor High School | 1100 Covington St. 21230
  • REACH Partnership School | 2555 Harford Rd. 21218

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