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Commissioner's Corner: Public Health Cross-sector Collaboration

At BCHD, we are very proud of our extensive track record of pushing the envelope of public health through innovation and engagement with communities across Baltimore. At a time when governments are faced with increasingly limited resources, it is commonsense that we work togetherto solve our shared challenges. We have long known the power of public-private partnerships to improve health outcomes.

Commissioner's Corner: Public Health Advocacy

In this year’s General Assembly, our team here at BCHD is focusing our attention and advocacy efforts on policies and proposals that will improve the health of residents and reduce disparities in Baltimore and across the state.  

Commissioner's Corner: Health is a Basic Human Right

Public health and social justice are inextricably connected. When we find ourselves facing injustice, we must act—it is our duty to take care of our most vulnerable.

Commissioner's Corner: Black History Month & Public Health Equity

As Black History Month begins, it is necessary for us all to consider how public health and social justice are inextricably connected. We are a city that believes that when there is injustice, inequality, or threats to hope and opportunity, we are obligated to act. In Baltimore, we are working everyday with our communities to reduce health disparities.

Commissioner's Corner: Baltimore is a Welcoming City & Saving Lives with Naloxone

Earlier this week, Mayor Pugh reassured our residents that Baltimore is and will remain a welcoming city for immigrants. I want to both thank and stand with her in supporting our residents.

Commissioner's Corner: Where a Person Lives Should Not Dictate If They Live

At BCHD, we believe that where a person lives should not dictate if and for how long a person lives. We also understand that overall health in our communities is determined by much more than the care we receive in a healthcare setting, which is why we must safeguard the health of the environment in which we live.

Commissioner's Corner: Hosting Director Michael Botticelli of the White House ONDCP

This week, the Baltimore City Health Department had the honor of hosting Director Michael Botticelli of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).

During the visit, we discussed the tireless frontline efforts we have taken in the city to overcome the opioid overdose epidemic, remove stigma around substance use disorder, and improve access to drug treatment. We met with members of the Work Group on Drug Treatment Access and Neighborhood Relations and visited our Needle Exchange Program to allow our guests to witness the great work we are doing in our communities.

National Drug Policy Director Visits Baltimore City Health Department

ONDCP Director Botticelli and Dr. Leana Wen Press Conference

Director Botticelli highlights Baltimore as a national model for addressing the opioid epidemic  

On Tuesday morning, Dr. Wen welcomed Director Michael Botticelli of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) to discuss efforts to address the opioid crisis, rise in overdose deaths, and strategies to improve access to treatment for substance use disorder.

In response to the national opioid overdose epidemic, the Obama Administration has taken tremendous action to support evidence-based prevention, expand access to treatment, and promote recovery support services. Last month, Congress passed the 21st Century Cures Act, which provides $1 billion in new funding that President Obama requested to combat the epidemic, primarily by increasing access to substance use disorder treatment.

Trauma & Mental Health: BCHD Convenes Community-based Meeting

BCHD Hosts Trauma and Mental Health Citywide Meeting

On Wednesday morning, over 120 residents and representatives from community-based organizations, foundations, businesses, nonprofits, and service providers assembled to discuss trauma and mental health in Baltimore City. We convened the first in a series of meetings to better understand how the community defines and experiences trauma in order for the department to build better policies and programs that emphasize and lift up the work already happening in the community. As a result, we will build a citywide plan to address trauma in our communities.

Commissioner's Corner: The ACA Safeguards Life

As Baltimore City’s doctor, I have seen firsthand how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) supports my patients and their lives. This week, I shared my experience both as a physician and as a public health leader about the ACA in an op-ed in The HillA Health Commissioner's Perspective: The ACA Safeguards Life.