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Public Health Heroes: Environmental Inspection Services extends far beyond restaurant closures

Each day the Baltimore City Health Department’s (BCHD) Bureau of Environmental Health, Environmental Inspection Services (EIS) carries out routine inspections at some of Baltimore’s 5,000 food establishments to ensure that health standards are being met and to certify that businesses are doing their best to keep their customers safe from food-borne illnesses. 

Environmental Inspection team

Note From The Commissioner: Open Enrollment

Earlier this week, I joined Congressman Elijah Cummings to urge all Marylanders to sign up for health insurance at Open enrollment ends Dec 15th. Health insurance is about protecting yourself, your family, and all those around you. Congressman Cummings and I know that no one plans to be sick, but having health insurance provides peace of mind. After all, access to health is access to life.

Last weekend, Mayor Pugh led the Mayor’s Run as part of BCHD’s Healthy Baltimore Initiative and Billion Step Challenge. Baltimore City residents and BCHD staff braved the chilly temperatures to run two miles with the Mayor. I want to thank Mayor Pugh for supporting our Billion Step Challenge and for encouraging Baltimoreans to get active.

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Note From The Commissioner: Continuing Our Work

I brought a special guest to my official swearing in at City Hall last week – my 11-week-old son, Eli (pictured). I am honored to be sworn-in for a second term, and look forward to continue working with the dedicated staff at BCHD. I want to thank Mayor Pugh for the opportunity to continue serving Baltimore and to protect health and improve well-being for all residents in our City.

Every day, I feel fortunate to have a job I love and to work with people who understand how health is integrally tied to social justice and the future of our communities. Our City has many health challenges, but we must also call attention to the progress that we have made in improving health outcomes.

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Note From The Commissioner: What We Can Do

On Monday, I was honored to join President Bill Clinton to discuss the opioid epidemic. Our conversation centered on what we CAN do to save lives. The problem is complex, but there are solutions that work, including many of our pilots here in Baltimore for blanket prescriptions of naloxone, expanding treatment access, and fighting stigma. Thanks to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health for hosting the day and to our other tremendous leaders who were there including Baltimore's own Representative Elijah E. Cummings!

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Note From The Commissioner: Celebrating B'more for Healthy Babies

This week was my first full week back. Nine weeks ago, my husband and I welcomed our son, Eli, into the world. These weeks have been the happiest of my life, but they have also been among the most challenging. I wrote about my experience being a new mother, and how raising a newborn gave me even more passion for our work to provide resources and support, and to serve the most vulnerable.

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Public Health Heroes: Lead Poisoning Prevention Team

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week begins October 22, but for BCHD’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) Team, the call to action comes every day of the year. Although preventable, lead poisoning and exposure remains a serious problem for Baltimore City residents. 

Lead Poisioning

BCHD Interns Discuss Zika Virus with University of Maryland Baltimore Police Officers

Taylor Owens and Vernon Stepney, two BCHD interns who are rising juniors at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, conducted a Zika presentation to the University of Maryland Baltimore Police Depar

BCHD interns Vernon and Taylor present about the Zika virus

Public Health Heroes: BCHD Animal Control Officers Often Save Humans, Too

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Animal Enforcement Officer Supervisor Hodge made his way to the courthouse to get a warrant signed regarding an investigation of a home where animal abuse was suspected of taking place. Officer Hodge and other Animal Control staff met with Baltimore Police Department (BPD) officers to go to the house to execute the warrant. After entering the house, the Animal Control Officers did not find any of the dogs. Instead, the officers found the floors covered in dog feces and trash and a rancid smell in the air. What appeared to be a vacant home actually housed a family with two small infants.

Note from the Commissioner: Signing Off for a few Weeks

For the next several weeks, I am signing off from my weekly newsletter note in order to spend time with my family and my newborn son, Elias “Eli” Wen Walker. I am extremely excited to be a mother and am proud of the work we do at BCHD to help childrenexpecting mothers, families and communities in our great city.

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Note from the Commissioner: Innovative Efforts in Baltimore to Combat the Opioid Epidemic

This week, leaders, healthcare professionals, and other frontline workers from across the U.S.