Vaccination Requirements For The New School Year

Attention parents / caregivers of school-aged children in Baltimore City.  Please ensure students are up-to-date with immunizations before city schools open their doors to students on August 25. There are new school immunization requirements for students entering kindergarten and 7th grade this fall, specifically two chickenpox (varicella) vaccinations for all kindergartners and a pertussis booster (Tdap) and dose of meningitis vaccine for all students entering 7th grade. The Baltimore City Health Department’s Immunization Program offers services to help prevent vaccine preventable disease, to conduct disease surveillance, and to provide and monitor immunization related health education and community outreach.  We also provide free vaccines at T.I.K.E. Clinics to those children and adolescents who qualify.  Click here for the August T.I.K.E. schedule or for more information, contact BCHD’s Immunization Program at 410-396-4454.

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