Social Determinants of Health Workgroup

The Social Determinants of Health Workgroup addresses food and nutrition inequalities in Baltimore City. By helping local farmers meet their needs for land, money, and awareness, everyone will have access to healthy food choices.


Social Determinants of Health Infographic of a person silhouette with a ring around.  The rings are Education Access and Quality, Health Care Access and Quality, Neighborhood and Built Environment, Social and Community Context, and Economic Stability
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  1. Improve outcomes and reduce health inequities by improving food access. 
  2. Improve the living environment of Baltimore City residents.


  • By December 2023, connect at least five local farmers to community support, resources, and services, including grant writing, funding information, land ownership, and volunteer support.
  • By December 2023, involve farmers in local health initiatives by linking 5-7 farmers to ongoing diabetes prevention and food access programs.
  • By June 2024, identify the model for or introduce one piece of policy to understand the link between green spaces and mental health outcomes.


  • Connect farmers to healthcare and community organizations with programs to increase food access and provide health food education.
  • Share a variety of resources by convening local farmers across LHIC workgroups.

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