Public Health Leadership Academy

PHLA Summer 2016

Cultivating the next generation of public health leaders

About the Program

Public Health Leadership Academy is the Baltimore City Health Department’s summer public health career development program for high school and college students. Both tracks of the program pair students with program staff across the department and focuses on supporting students in developing their public health careers. Students learn about the variety of career choices available and how they can prepare themselves for those careers. Students are also offered a variety of professional development opportunities, including the chance to present their work at the end of the summer.

Program Highlights

Track 1— High School Interns and Youth Works

  • 5-week program; 25 hours/week
  • Every week, 4 days are spent working with program staff and 1 day a week in public health 101 class. Topics include:
    • Intro to public health
    • Intro to epidemiology
    • Public health interventions
    • Government and public policy
    • Public health advocacy
  • Field trip to City Hall
  • Presentations by public health professionals
  • Professional development sessions, including:
    • Intro to PowerPoint
    • Resume writing
    • Public speaking and interacting with the media
    • Professionalism in the workplace
    • Financial literacy (provided through YouthWorks)

Track 2—Internships (College-level)

  • 12-week program; 20-40 hours/week
  • Work one-on-one with public health program staff
  • Opportunities to do ride-along with animal control and restaurant inspectors
  • Opportunities to network with BCHD staff
  • Professional development sessions may include:
    • Intro to Microsoft Outlook
    • Media and public health
    • Public health and GIS mapping
    • Naloxone training