B'More Health Talks

Thank you for tuning in to our live webcast version of B'More Health Talks today! The recorded podcast and video will be available shortly.

The Baltimore City Health Department is hosting a new community collaboration, B’More Health Talks, led by Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen. These take the form of virtual town hall meetings and are an opportunity for leaders in our community to discuss efforts to reduce health disparities, engage in our city's collaborative strategy, and share the work that organizations are doing.

Every other Friday at 12:30 PM, the Health Department convenes a group of individuals and organizations from across the city to discuss a pressing public health issue, with questions and comments from community members. The forum is a chance to share and collaborate about the work that many different organizations are doing, and to align efforts as we strive towards a healthier One Baltimore.

You can find all B'More Health Talks episodes at https://soundcloud.com/bmorehealthtalks or by searching "BMoreHealthTalks" in iTunes!

To participate in the chat, call in to:
Dial-in: 605-562-3180 
Participant Code: 117-245-291
If you haven’t already, please RSVP to the Health Department’s Baltimore Corps Fellows, at [email protected] to confirm your interest in this endeavor, and to suggest topics and speakers.

We are focused on three priority areas: youth wellness, mental health and substance abuse, and population health/care for the most vulnerable. We realize that many organizations also work on these critical areas but may not have the platform to connect with one another. Our goal is for B’More Health Talks to provide this platform and to host key conversations. By opening a robust dialogue to align and multiply our efforts, together we can move toward a healthier Baltimore.

In advance of each conversation, we welcome your thoughts about your areas of expertise and the work you are doing. Please email the Health Department’s Baltimore Corps Fellows, at [email protected] to confirm your interest in this endeavor and to suggest topics and speakers.

We are confronted right now with a unique window of opportunity to make lasting investments in Baltimore City’s health and well-being. By virtue of the important work that you are already doing, we need you at the table as we take full advantage of this moment and strive towards One Baltimore.

Website: health.baltimorecity.gov
Facebook:  facebook.com/BaltimoreHealth
Twitter: @BMore_Healthy
Instagram: @BMore_Healthy



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