Summer heat can be tough for those working outdoors (Fox 45)

Summer heat can be tough for those working outdoors

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -The summer sizzle has set into Baltimore, and for people who must work outdoors, the conditions can be tough. According to the Baltimore City Health Department there are 115 licensed food trucks. Brian Youse is the chef insid the ‘Crossroads Bistro’, which was parked Monday outside Baltimore City Hall.

“We have had it get up to 110 [degrees] in here," he explains. “We have two fans up top. They help a little bit, and just keep the back window for a little bit of a breeze."

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On August 17, Dr. Leana Wen visited Catholic Charities' Weinberg Housing and Resource Center and gave staff and clients a naloxone training.

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In the age of value-based care, organizations are leaning on clinicians to lean in to leadership. This opens new vistas for physicians and nurses, but health systems and insurers must do their homework. A physician who heads his or her own practice may have valuable leadership skills, but leading, say, a staff of 12 is different from overseeing a $2 billion budget and ensuring a board and a C-suite are in sync with your vision.

One such physician who has made the jump is Leana Wen, MD, the Baltimore City Health Commissioner, who leads a staff of 1,000 employees. Since being named to the role in December 2014, Wen has shown a predilection for taking decisive action, perhaps unsurprising as someone trained as an emergency room physician.

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