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"Bill Would Make Restaurants Post Inspection Score” (WMAR - ABC2) March 11, 2015

Vicktoria Powers runs a clean shop. She's the owner of Vikkis Fells Point Deli.  "Over on our grill, you'll see the one guy and myself. We do all the cooking. If a customer needs to be rung up, we yell MOC, money on the counter, they come up, they take the money. Same as the guy in the back, he does strictly prep, one does strictly dishes and sanitizes everything," she said. That's exactly the thinking behind a bill on it's way to a third reader at city hall. The plan is for any establishment that serves food to have their health department rating posted onsite and online.

"Changemakers Wanted" (WBAL-TV)

The Baltimore Health Department is seeking nominations for Baltimorphosis changemakers—community members working to end youth violence…

"Naloxone Legislation" (WBAL-TV) March 11, 2015

To combat the state's heroin epidemic, a number of local governments are training their police officers on how to administer Naloxone, but unlike first responders, state law doesn't give police civil immunity for helping those who need it. The demand for Naloxone is so great that the price has skyrocketed. In Baltimore City, intranasal doses have more than doubled. In May 2014, a 10-pack cost $193. Today, the same amount goes for $414. "This is a huge public health crisis," Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen said.

Baltimore Teens Lend Their Voices and Talents To Reducing Pregnancies Among Their Peers

Thirty-two percent!  That’s how much the teenage birth rate in Baltimore City has dropped since 2009, surpassing the Healthy Baltimore 2015 goal of a 20 percent reduction.  Our youth, through their voices in the city’s Know What U Want, U CHOOSE campaign, are playing a critical role in this success.

Know What You Want Campaign Baltimore City Health Department

"Baltimore Restaurants Soon Forced To Post Health Ratings In Window" (WJZ-TV) March 10, 2015

How clean is your favorite restaurant? Soon, you will be able to know. Every restaurant and carry out will have to post its health rating. Derek Valcourt explains those ratings will be right in the front window for everyone to see.

"Caregivers Corner Implemented at City Libraries” (WMAR-ABC2) March 10, 2015

A growing concern among many Baby Boomers is taking on the role of caregiver for their parents, and the Baltimore City Health Department is hoping to ease the tensions. It's teaming up with the city's libraries to offer a "Caregiver Corner" for anyone looking to find information on aging. The implementation of the 'Caregiver Corner' was part of the city's new "Taking Care of Mom and Dad" program initiative. 

Join The Petition - Sign The "Baltimore Statement on Childhood Vaccination"

More than 170 people in the United States have been confirmed to have measles this year, many of whom who had not been vaccinated against the preventable disease. Please take a moment and sign the Baltimore Statement on Childhood Vaccination petition to demonstrate your support in the stand against measles. 

"With Half of the City’s Hypothermia Deaths Involving Alcohol Intoxication,Health Commissioner Issues Warning: Alcohol and Cold Temperatures Do Not Mix And Can Be Deadly"

Baltimore City Health Commissioner Leana Wen, M.D. is reminding Baltimoreans of the dangers of alcohol use during cold weather. Baltimore remains under a Severe Code Blue declaration through 12 p.m. Saturday; the wind chill this evening will be around zero degrees and temperatures are expected to remain dangerously cold through approximately lunchtime on Saturday.  There have been 8 deaths in Baltimore due to hypothermia this season and 31 statewide. Alcohol intoxication was a contributing factor in half of the deaths in Baltimore.  “Drinking alcohol can be life-threatening for individuals in temperatures that are this low,” Dr. Wen said.  

"Baltimore City Health Department extends Code Blue through Saturday" (WMAR - ABC2) March 5,2015

Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Lena Wen has declared a severe Code Blue through 12 p.m. Saturday. As part of this effort, city officials are opening an additional shelter at the War Memorial Building.  The shelter will be in from 6 p.m. Thursday to 10 a.m. Friday, and from 6 p.m. Friday through 10 a.m. Saturday.      

You Are Where You Eat!

Everyone’s heard the idea “you are what you eat”.  But what about “you are where you eat”? In Baltimore, you can go blocks before finding fresh fruit, let alone fresh vegetables.  This is particularly true in low-income areas.  Many other cities see the same trend.

Baltimarket and Food Access, Baltimore City Health Department