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Baltimore City Joins Other Jurisdictions, Individuals, to Sue President Trump for Intentionally Sabotaging the ACA, Increasing Costs of Health Coverage

Faced with Stark Increases in Premiums and Rising Underinsured Rates, Americans Sue to Halt Trump Administration Sabotage

In systematically attacking the health law, President Trump is increasing the cost of health coverage and the number of uninsured Americans, and is violating his constitutional duty to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”

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Mosquitoes on the move in Maryland (WBFF)

Health officials are urging property owners to rid their property of standing water after West Nile Virus was detected in Prince George's County.

“Even a small bottle cap can breed mosquitoes,” said Baltimore health commissioner Dr. Leana Wen.

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Beauty in the Eye of the Stakeholder (University of Maryland)

What was once a dull corner of concrete outside of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary School on West Preston Street is now brightened by pink and purple petunias and lush green hostas sprouting out of a formerly litter-strewn plot of dirt.

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Brett Talks to Dr. Leana Wen About Drug Overdosing Problems in Baltimore City (WBAL)

The Opioid Crisis continues to persist as drug overdose numbers continue to rise, particularly in Baltimore City.  Brett talks  to Dr. Leana Wen, an expert on public health, for more on these numbers, and how to potentially curtail them in the future.

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Maryland Hit With Record Number Of Fentanyl Deaths (The Fix)

"It's terrifying that we're at a point where the numbers escalate every year. We don't even know where the peak is," said Baltimore's health commissioner.

Maryland hit a sobering new milestone last year: The state saw more fentanyl deaths than ever before. And this year, it turns out, is already on track to set another disquieting record. 

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Congressional officials, Baltimore leaders talk opioids at Health Care for the Homeless (Health Care for the Homeless)

That stat surfaced during a roundtable discussion and C-SPAN live broadcast with congressional officials, Baltimore leaders and community members at our downtown clinic on Friday, July 27. 

We were honored to welcome Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congressman Elijah Cummings, Senator Ben Cardin, Congressman John Sarbanes, Mayor Catherine Pugh, Baltimore Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen and many others to tour our facility and discuss the state of our nation’s opioid epidemic. 

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Baltimore health officials, lawmakers say abortion politics threatens $1.4 million in funding for health clinics (Baltimore Sun)

Baltimore health clinics fear a proposed federal gag rule that would prohibit money from going to centers that perform or refer patients for abortions would undercut their ability to care for the city’s most vulnerable residents.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has proposed a rule that would withhold funding from the Title X Family Planning Program. The federal agency is taking public comments on the issue, which is being criticized by local lawmakers and health officials, until Tuesday.

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US City Bans Sugary Drinks on Children’s Menus (Learning English)

Recently, Baltimore, Maryland, became the largest city in the United States to ban restaurants from including sodas and other sugary drinks on their menus for children.

Now, Baltimore’s restaurants can only offer milk, water or 100 percent fruit juice as drinks with meals meant for children.

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Melanie Repert: Help stop proposed gag rule affecting health care for women (Arizona Daily Star)

The first time I visited the Baltimore City Health Department’s Druid Clinic, I was 17. I wasn’t going to the clinic for myself. A friend had told me she thought she was pregnant but was too nervous to go to the clinic to take a test alone, so I offered to go with her. When we arrived she was still nervous, so I offered to take a test as well.

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More than 2,000 Marylanders Died from Opioid-Related Overdoses in 2017 (Baltimore Magazine)

More than 2,200 Maryland residents died in 2017 from unintended drug and alcohol-related intoxication, setting an all-time mark for the state in the seventh consecutive year.

“We are seeing an epidemic of overdoses in Maryland and around the country and these numbers are terrifying,” said Baltimore Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen in response to the report. “We are not even at the peak of the epidemic and we don’t know what the peak looks like.”

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