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Code Red Extreme Heat Alert Tuesday, Wednesday (WJZ)

With the heat index expected to be over 100 degrees Tuesday and Wednesday, the Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen has declared a Code Red Extreme Heat Alert.

“Heat is a silent killer and a public health threat, particularly for the young, the elderly and those with chronic medical conditions,” Dr. Wen said.

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CODE RED extreme heat advisory issued for Tuesday and Wednesday (WMAR)

A Code Red Extreme Heat Alert has been issued for Tuesday, Aug. 28 and Wednesday, Aug. 29, the Baltimore City Health Comissioner Dr. Leana Wen said Monday.

With high temperatures and oppressive humidity, the heat index is expected to exceed 100 degrees both days. Code Red alerts are declared when the heat is expected to be severe enough to present a "substantial threat to the life or health of vulnerable Baltimore residents," Wen's statement said. 

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'Code Red' heat alert issued for Tuesday & Wednesday in Baltimore (WBFF)

Baltimore City announced a "Code Red" heat alert for Tuesday and Wednesday as temperatures surge for the start of the week.

Heat indexes are expected to top 100 degrees both Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Health Department Issues Response to Today's Baltimore City Biennial Performance Audit

BALTIMORE, MD (August 22, 2018) - Baltimore City Health Commissioner, Dr. Leana Wen, issued the following statement about the Baltimore City Biennial Performance Audit released to the Board of Estimates today.

Wen Celebrates Breastfeeding Support Group (UMB)

Members of the breastfeeding support group joined Baltimore City Health Commissioner Leana Wen, MD, Bronwyn Mayden, MSW, executive director of Promise Heights and assistant dean at the University o

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Baltimore's 'Staying Alive' program found to be successful in combating overdoses (Baltimore Business Journal)

The number of overdose reversal drug kits distributed and overdose reversals reported in Baltimore both increased between 2015 and 2017, according to data from the city's health department.

A city audit of the department presented Wednesday found the Staying Alive Drug Overdose Prevention and Response Plan has been successful in its goal to reduce the rate of deaths from opiate-related overdoses in Baltimore.

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City to study use of fentanyl-detecting test strips by distributing them in exchange vans (Baltimore Fishbowl)

In its ongoing fight against a fentanyl-fueled surge in drug overdoses, the Baltimore City Health Department plans to study the efficacy of test strips that detect the potent synthetic substance in street-purchased drugs by handing kits out at mobile syringe and needle exchanges.

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Poll: Most Americans Know About Opioid Antidote And Are Willing To Use It (NPR)

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams made a plea in April for more Americans to be prepared to administer naloxone, an opioid antidote, in case they or people close to them suffer an overdose.

We wondered how many people know about naloxone and the fact that someone doesn't have to be a medical professional to administer it. Fifty-nine percent of respondents said they were aware of the antidote and that it could be given by laypeople; 41 percent said they weren't.

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Baltimore City Health Department Encourages Naloxone Training

On August 17, Dr. Leana Wen visited Catholic Charities' Weinberg Housing and Resource Center and gave staff and clients a naloxone training.

Leana Wenopioidsnaloxone