About the Baltimore City Health Department Health Equity Committee 

In September 2018 the Baltimore City Council passed and the Mayor signed the Equity Assessment Ordinance for each Baltimore City agency to hire an Equity Coordinator, conduct equity assessments, plan and implement equity initiatives, and track outcomes.

In November 2020 The Baltimore City Health Department’s Commissioner of Health, Dr. Letitia Dzirasa, M.D., created a department-wide Health Equity Committee in order to implement strategies for more equitable outcomes. The Health Equity Committee was made up of a cross section of senior leadership, mid-level management, and frontline staff. The committee was structured with a general committee made up of all members and two subcommittees: external and internal committees.

The external committee’s responsibility was to focus on developing recommendations to engage Baltimore City residents, integrating a defined health equity approach. The internal committee focused on integrating a health equity approach throughout BCHD itself – to ultimately improve services and internal engagement as a way to foster connectedness among staff and residents.

Defining Health Equity

“Health Equity ensures that every person has the opportunity

to attain their full health potential.”



BCHD Equity RBA Strategy

Year 2 Assessment

Year 3 Assessment

Results Based Accountability Participatory Action Research

External Health Equity Subcommittee Results and Performance Measures


Performance Measures

Health equity in all policies

  • % diversity ratio of boards/task forces that resemble the community that we serve (how well)
  • #/% of grants awarded to communities that are marginalized (under-resourced) (better off)
  • #/% of health-related services in communities that are marginalized (under-resourced) (difference made)

Internal Health Equity Committee Results and Performance Measures


Performance Measures

BCHD employees have equitable pay

  • % of internal promotions (how well)
  • Retention rate (how well)

BCHD employees are culturally competent 

  • # of employees trained on Cultural Competency (how much)
  • Satisfaction survey on Cultural Competency (how well)
  • # / % of employees who increased knowledge, skills (better off)

BCHD staff are a reflection of the community we serve

  • # / % of internal promotions (better off)
  • retention rate (how well)
  • % of x employees hired (how much)