Baltimore Health Improvement Planning Council (HIPC)

In order to improve coordination and collaboration between the city’s large and diverse group of health stakeholders, the BCHD formalized its relationship with them through the Health Improvement Planning Council (HIPC).

HIPC is a senior advisory body to the BCHD charged with helping the BCHD address the city’s most pressing health challenges by:

  • Prioritizing Healthy Baltimore areas
  • Identifying and developing strategies to improve health outcomes
  • Guiding the implementation of interventions

In addition to providing strategic direction on how to reach the Healthy Baltimore 2015 goals broadly, the HIPC is also responsible for prioritizing areas for action and informing and shaping action plans based on the role of the individual organization. HIPC’s work is also aligned with State Health Improvement Process (SHIP) objectives, for which the group is required to report on a quarterly basis. You can view the SHIP objectives here. The HIPC also reviews and approves the Community Health Improvement Plan, and monitor its implementation progress. The HIPC emphasizes the importance of ensuring community engagement throughout assessment, planning and implementation of local health improvement.


The HIPC is composed of members who represent a wide range of health stakeholders, including: community groups, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, healthcare systems and hospitals, insurance companies, and private foundations.

Contact Information

Shannon Mace Heller
Director, Office of Policy and Planning
Baltimore City Health Department
1001 E. Fayette St., Baltimore, MD 21202
(443) 401-8126