Baltimore City Stabilization Center


In spring 2019, the Baltimore City Health Department will open the state’s first Stabilization Center, a place for individuals who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol to sober and receive short-term medical and social interventions. Through emergency medical system transport, the Center will divert patients who meet specific criteria from emergency departments and provide stronger links to community-based behavioral health care. Services provided will include medical screening and monitoring, connections to behavioral health and social services, and buprenorphine induction to treat opioid addiction. This is the beginning of Baltimore's efforts to create a 24/7 behavioral health emergency department. The Stabilization Center will be located in the city’s Greater Coppin Heights/Rosemont community.

Operations and Funding:

The Baltimore City Health Department, with its partner Behavioral Health System Baltimore, has secured $3.6 million in capital funds from the Maryland State Legislature to build the Stabilization Center. Maryland’s Department of Health, through funding provided by the 21st Centuries CURES Act approved by Congress, and the Maryland Community Health Resources Commission, is providing a total of $2.6 million of operating expenses.

Pilot Site:

A pilot site is currently being operated at the Tuerk House, serving 10-15 individuals at a time.