What community members are saying about Dr. Wen and the Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD)

"We are grateful to Dr. Wen for her presentation at the Johns Hopkins Center for Women’s Health, Sex and Gender Research Symposium, “A Spotlight on Women’s Health, Sex and Gender Research in Baltimore and Beyond.” She highlighted the important work of the Baltimore City Health Department in improving the health and well-being of women, their families and our community. We were inspired to do impactful, patient-centered, community-partnered women’s health research!" - Wendy L. Bennett, MD, MPH, The Johns Hopkinds University School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health

"Dr. Leana Wen provided the keynote address during the 2018 AARP State & Community Engagement Leadership Meeting in Washington, D.C. Dr. Wen's remarks came before a nationwide audience of more than 250 volunteer and staff presidents, vice presidents, directors, managers and senior advisors who received her on how they can be champions for change in community empowerment and stronger collaboration among the public, private and nonprofit sectors in promoting healthcare equity. Our attendees left the conference with a much better understanding of the integral role of the Health Department in Baltimore and beyond, and how they can return to their respective jurisdictions to better collaborate with health departments across the states and communities that AARP serves." - Rawle Andrews Jr., Esq, Regional Vice President, AARP

“Dr. Wen gave a thought-provoking keynote address at the 340B Summer Coalition Conference. Her comments about combatting the stigmas around mental health issues and addiction with science and facts inspired our members and served as a call to action. In a time where future policy around healthcare is uncertain, Dr. Wen’s speech was a reminder to our participants that continuing to fight for health equity is as important as ever.”  -Briana Vogel, 340B Health

"Dr. Wen spoke to 60 women from the Baltimore Women’s Giving Circle to discuss the state of public health in Baltimore City. Members of the Giving Circle are advocates for improving the lives of women and their families through grant-making and education. They were eager to learn about the success of Health Department initiatives in reducing infant mortality and lead poisoning, but also to better understand the many continuing challenges such the opioid crisis. As the women departed, one thing was clear – the cost of doing nothing to address public health issues is far greater than the cost of taking action now." -Renee Gordon, Baltimore Women's Giving Circle

"Dr. Wen spoke to 400 students and faculty at Friends School of Baltimore yesterday. The school held a day devoted to public health and Dr. Wen was our keynote speaker. We were so honored to have such a dynamic and motivational speaker spend time with our students. Our students left feeling mobilized to get involved with various public health initiatives that Dr. Wen has stated in Baltimore city. In addition, Dr. Wen spoke about her own journey and that inspired many students to consider a career in public health. The whole community felt fortunate to have had the opportunity hear from Dr. Wen and we hope to use what we learned to help our community." - Josh Carlin, Coordinator, University Partnership Program, Friends School of Baltimore

“I recently had the pleasure of introducing Dr. Leana Wen as the guest speaker at the annual year-end meeting of the Barristers Law Club.  Dr. Wen spoke at length about the challenges facing the Baltimore City Health Department and the steps she and the Department are taking to meet them, including:  attempts to provide healthy food choices in the many areas of the city deemed “food deserts”; house-to-house visits with citizens who were unable to fill prescriptions during and after the unrest following the death of Freddy Gray; efforts to fight drug abuse and overdose, including the use of Noloxone, which has resulted in the saving of several lives; efforts to place warning labels on beverages with high sugar content.  It was clear to everyone in the room that Dr. Wen is absolutely committed to doing whatever is necessary to improve the quality of health – and lives – of the citizens of Baltimore, and we are very lucky to have her as our Commissioner of Health.”  -Kenneth P. Niman, Barristers Law Club

"We invited Dr. Wen to speak about contemporary public health issues in Baltimore in conjunction with our current exhibit Beyond Chicken Soup: Jews and Medicine.  Dr. Wen’s strong, fact-based presentation was enlightening for the whole audience, medical practitioners and lay leaders alike.  The proof of her effectiveness was the large number of questions she received from our visitors – they were totally engaged." -Marvin Pinkert, Director, Jewish Museum of Maryland

"Dr. Wen came to speak at the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD) Annual 2016 Commissioners Meeting on Monday, August 8th. This meeting convened the State Mental Health Commissioners of over 40 states, American Somoa, Guam, and the District of Columbia. Dr. Wen gave an inspiring keynote address reinforcing the importance of behavioral health being an integral part of public health to solve many of the nation's health problems. She addressed the problem of opiate overdose and its resulting tragedy to individuals, families, and the community, and the importance of taking a trauma-informed care approach when addressing public health and behavioral health issues, including violence, crime, and civil unrest. Her uplifting and personal speech inspired all of us to build bridges across systems and dig a little deeper when looking at finding solutions to public health challenges."- National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD)

"In searching for information about heat-related deaths, I found your public service announcement in reply to the ignorant and hateful legislation in our dear friend and neighboring state of Maine. Dr. Wen, I applaud you, not only for intelligent advocacy and the strength to do your job well and right, but also for having the courage to speak directly and unabashedly against ignorance-based political diatribe. Folks like you make it easier for people like me to keep fighting the good fight, making useful science-based information available to help the people we serve! Thank you so much for being a rebel with a cause!" -Bethany Poulin, Data Scientist

"Dr. Wen came to speak to the Humanism Symposium - a University of Maryland School of Medicine elective that inspires medical students to be empathetic and courageous physicians - and led an amazing discussion with 30 medical students on the importance of taking on societal problems outside of the medical clinic and being a healthcare advocate for their patients. She openly discussed the fulfillment that comes with a career in public health as well as the successes and challenges she has faced in her career. She was a singular role model for the students as a healthcare and community leader." -Tanner Slayden MS IV, Humanism Symposium Leader, UM School of Medicine

"The Maryland ACP recently held its chapter meeting - which is one of the largest specialty society meetings in the Baltimore area.  Baltimore City Health Commissioner, Dr. Leana Wen, was kind enough to present on "Baltimore City Health Department Updates."  She provided our group with the latest information on a number of health care problems relevant to medical practice, and tied in issues of social determinants of health, addiction medicine and poverty into a thought-provoking and inspiring review of the problems we face in Baltimore and across the country.  She provided us with concise and thought-provoking information that we can use in our practices on a daily basis.  We hope to engage Dr. Wen in additional activities as our year progresses." -Stephen D. Sisson, MD, FACP, Governor

"Dr. Wen delivered the fourth annual Dr. W. Montague Cobb Lecture at Howard University on April 20. 2016.  Her message was informative and captivating.  The audience, which included young primary care physicians-in-training, was inspired by her passionate description of the Baltimore City Health Department's multi-faceted response to the public health crisis precipitated by the civil unrest of April 2015.  We were also inspired by her strong advocacy for the central role that public health must play in a comprehensive approach to eliminating health disparities in Baltimore and around the country." -Sterling Lloyd, Dr. W. Montague Cobb Lectureship Committee, Howard University College of Medicine

"Dr. Wen spoke before 110 healthcare leaders from across the Maryland Region at the 'The Medi Community Resource Center forum' held at the University of Maryland Bio Park on December 2nd.  All who attended were inspired and walked away from the conference with a clear vision on how to build and sustain strong 'Patient-Centered Medical Neighborhoods.'" -Audrey Whetsell, Founder, The Medi Awards

"Dr. Wen gave the keynote address at our Ingenuity Idea Summit and gave a powerful and moving talk to over 350 Baltimore families, community leaders, and students on how the Baltimore City Health Department is making a difference in the lives of people throughout our community. Dr. Wen challenged all of us to be a part of the fight for healthcare equity. Many of our students are inspired to pursue careers in public health, and we all have a much better understanding of the integral role of the Health Department in Baltimore and beyond." -Lisette Morris, Ingenuity Project Executive Director, April 2016

"The Conversations in Medicine Symposium (CiM) at Johns Hopkins University - Homewood Campus was honored to host Dr. Wen on the evening of Thursday, February 11th, 2016. Dr. Wen and two of her team members, Gabe Auteri and Kelleigh Eastman, provided valuable insight into the demands and the triumphs of the Health Department in Baltimore. Dr. Wen's presentation was both informative and inspiring for the 100+ pre-health students in attendance. The event was a tremendous success. CiM sincerely hopes to welcome Dr. Wen back to Homewood Campus in the future." -Gabriella Miller

“Dr. Wen gave a fascinating and inspiring presentation to over 70 students last evening. She not only described many of the central issues with regard to public health and health care inequities, but she also enlightened us with respect to the special role played by Baltimore’s City’s Health Department. Under Dr. Wen’s leadership, the care, innovation, and progressive response of the Health Department to the issues confronting Baltimore is very timely and effective. Our students are inspired to think broadly about the many issues in Public Health and pursue careers goals that will truly make a difference.”  -Dr. George Delahunty, Goucher College

"We invited Dr. Wen to speak at a class at the University of Maryland School of Law on "Freddie Gray's Baltimore: Past, Present and Moving Forward." The class includes approximately 75 law students and 15 social work students. Dr. Wen spoke about how poverty and other social determinants of health affect residents of Baltimore and what the Health Department is doing about it. She shared stories about programs like "Safe Streets,"  "B'More Healthy Babies," and "dontdie.org," and spoke about public health as a tool for social justice. Her energy and determination to help alleviate the many sources of poor health outcomes for Baltimore's most vulnerable residents inspired the students who are looking for ways to make a difference in the lives of those residents." -Diane E. Hoffmann

"Dr. Wen spoke before 110 healthcare leaders from across the Maryland Region at the “The Medi Community Resource Center Forum” held at the University of Maryland Bio Park on December 2nd. All who attended were inspired and walked away from the conference with a clear vision on how to build and sustain strong “Patient-Centered Medical Neighborhoods” -Audrey Whetsell, Founder, The Medi Awards

"Dr. Wen spoke at the University of Baltimore’s Divided Baltimore course on November 2nd in front of over 100 UB students and community members about how they can all be champions for healthcare equity. Participants all have a much better understanding of how structural racism affects health and well-being, and they are inspired to spread the word about the integral role of the Health Department in Baltimore and beyond in improving the quality of life for all Baltimoreans." -Joseph S. Wood, Provost

"Dr. Wen recently spoke to the women of United Way of Central Maryland’s Women’s Leadership Council, where she pinpointed that, as a community, we can impact the long-term health of our neighborhoods by taking action today. These leading women in central Maryland now not only have a stronger understanding of the important role the Baltimore City Health Department plays in addressing health disparities in our region, they are inspired to help." -Julia M. Smith, Director, Women’s Leadership Council, United Way of Central Maryland

"Dr. Wen delivered the keynote address at our annual meeting of health and environmental funders from around the country. Our funders were electrified by Dr. Wen’s passionate case for the centrality of health in societal decisions around all kinds of issues. Dr. Wen’s out-of-the-box thinking and the Health Department’s creative approaches are the very things that will lead to the transformative work we need to see in our nation’s cities." -Jeff Wise, HEFN

"Dr. Leana Wen participated on a health equity panel at our recent annual event. She joined other notable panel members and spoke passionately about the role of public health in serving the needs of the community and the importance of understanding and meeting the needs of individuals in times of calm and tumult. She is an inspired leader who is forging the way in Baltimore to address the social determinants of health, create a sustainable path to advance equitable care, and improve the health outcomes of individuals and communities." -Renata Costa, National Center for Healthcare Leadership

"We were exceptionally delighted and privileged to have Dr. Wen participate as a moderator for a session at Learn Serve Lead 2015: The AAMC Annual Meeting in Baltimore. This meeting brings together thousands of our members from across the nation to further enhance the education and training of physician leaders in a changing healthcare landscape. Dr. Wen led the session titled ‘Thinking Beyond the Threat of Pandemics: Academic Medical Centers’ Role in Public Health,’ and her contributions to the discussion helped us to better understand the ways in which academic medical centers can leverage opportunities to engage our communities and local partners to advance public health practice." -Malika Fair, MD, MPH, FACEP, Director, Public Health Initiatives

"At our momentous National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) Baltimore Chapter event, Dr. Wen provided remarks that left the crowd humbled, inspired, and eager to serve the greater good! Through her powerful presentation, Dr. Wen’s passion, determination, and commitment to eliminating health disparities was easily sensed. As Dr. Wen best stated, “There are no limits to Public Health,” and through her influence and leadership we know that she will positively impact our health care delivery system." -Darren Brownlee, MHA, National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE), Baltimore Chapter, President

"Dr. Wen came to speak to our internal medicine residents at Washington University in St. Louis and gave an impassioned talk on the power of public health and physician activism. Our residents were inspired by Dr. Wen’s efforts to tackle opioid addiction and gun violence in the city of Baltimore [since] St. Louis shares similar public health struggles with Baltimore. Internal medicine residents are at the forefront of the battle against these public health threats. Dr. Wen’s experience and advice will undoubtedly help our residents to take on these issues with renewed energy and optimism." -Dr. Alexandra Dretler, Chief Resident of Washington U Hospital

"Dr. Wen spoke beautifully and passionately at Johns Hopkins Bayview about the areas of medicine and public health that she is working so hard to improve in Baltimore City. I benefited from listening to her thoughtful, pragmatic approach in addressing the most important health systems issues of our day and I was inspired by her enthusiasm and commitment to better quality of life for all the residents of our city. It was a fantastic experience!” -Jason Leibowitz, Resident, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

"Dr. Wen spoke at the 5 year anniversary of MERIT, an education program supporting Baltimore City high school students who aspire to become health care professionals. In her moving remarks, Dr. Wen encouraged Scholars to become the future health care leaders of Baltimore and reminded them that true patient- centered care requires not just knowledge and skill, but empathy and compassion." -Alex Batson Program Manager Medical Education Resources Initiative for Teens, Inc. (MERIT)

What our patients are saying about Clinical Services

“It seem as if every year the clinic evolves so I really can’t complain. I’ve been dealing with the staff for some yrs now and I think there [sic] great!”

“My care here is really great. My doctor, case manager & advocate is [sic] wonderful. Plus I have gotten close with some of the other staff as well.”

“The agency has some of the most helpful & caring staff that I have ever met."

What parents are saying about School Health

“Whenever anything happened, I always got a notice. When we moved schools, [my daughter]  had the same nurse, and it was great that she knew her already.” - A parent whose child attended William Paca and Holabird.