Trauma & Mental Health Resources

The Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD) is committed to ensuring that communities impacted by the recent tragic events in Baltimore have access to needed trauma counseling and mental health services.  Traumatic events affect not only the individual directly impacted by the event but also those around the individual – family members, neighbors, friends, and caregivers.  The need to address trauma is an integral part of public health and has become a fundamental obligation for the delivery of mental health services. 

As part of the City’s response to these tragic events, BCHD is working with schools, churches, and community organizations to provide mental health services to impacted communities.

The citywide trauma counseling/mental health response includes:

  • Ensuring 24/7 availability of  mental health crisis services
  • Providing group counseling for community members, including through schools, religious institutions, and community organizations;
  • Coordinating volunteer mental health professionals and matching them with the ongoing need

To access services:

  • For crisis services, call Baltimore Crisis Response at 410-433-5175. 
  • Individuals and families who need assistance scheduling an appointment for mental health services should call Behavioral Health System Baltimore at 410-637-1900, option #1. 
  • Services for groups can be accessed by calling 311 and asking to be referred to the Health Department’s mental health providers or Email US

The Baltimore Child Abuse Center is making its counselors available free of charge for children and families impacted by the events of the last few days. BCAC's team of licensed social workers is available to meet with children and families impacted by the violence and rioting in Baltimore City over these last few days to help them cope with any trauma experienced. Crisis counseling will be offered free and families can contact BCAC at 410-396-6147 to arrange an appointment.

Additional Resources:

Baltimore Crisis Response (24/7 Mental Health Crises - call 410-433-5175)
Behavioral Health System Baltimore
Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute
National Association of School Psychologists
American Psychological Association
Mental Health America

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