"Baltimore to use federal grant for ER heroin response" (Baltimore Business Journal) July 29, 2015

Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen wants the city’s emergency departments to play a bigger role in addressing residents’ heroin and substance abuse problems. Along with local emergency department leaders, the city’s health department is developing a program that would better connect patients with counselors, specialists and treatment for substance abuse. The project will be backed by Baltimore’s share of a $815,000 federal grant awarded to the state health department for medication-supported substance abuse programs.

BCHD Encourages Everyone to Get Vaccinated, Screened on World Hepatitis Day

BALTIMORE, MD (July 28, 2015) – As today marks “World Hepatitis Day,” Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen encourages residents to get vaccinated for hepatitis B (HBV) and screened for hepatitis C (HCV).

"City, coalition win $8.5 million grant to improve sex education in schools" (Baltimore Sun)

The Baltimore City Health Department and the U Choose Coalition were awarded a $8.5 million federal grant the groups will use to improve sex education in schools with the hopes of reducing the teen birth rate in African American and Hispanic girls by 30 percent.

"Baltimore Announces $8.5 Million Dollar HHS Grant to Implement Reproductive Health Education Program in Middle and High Schools"

The Baltimore City Health Department and the U Choose Coalition have been awarded a $8.5 million grant with a goal of decreasing the city’s teen birth rate for African American and Hispanic girls by 30 percent.  The grant, from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is for $1.7 million dollars per year for five years.

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"Baltimore reports sleep-related infant deaths continue to tick down" (Baltimore Sun) July 22, 2015

The Baltimore City Health Department reported Wednesday that the number of sleep-related infant deaths continues to tick down since it launched a campaign in 2010 to educate mothers about the proper ways to put babies to bed. “Education is the key to changing behavior to prevent these tragic deaths,” said Dr. Leana Wen, city health commissioner. “That means everyone needs to know the ABCs of Safe Sleep -- that babies should be put to sleep alone, on their backs and in cribs, without exposure to secondhand smoke. No exceptions.”

"Baltimore Reports Record Low Sleep-Related Infant Deaths in 2014"

Baltimore saw a record low number (13) of sleep-related infant deaths in 2014, down from a record high of 27 deaths reported in 2009, according to new data from the Baltimore City Health Department.  In Baltimore, the second leading cause of infant mortality is sleep-related infant deaths, behind only complications related to preterm birth and low birth weight.   

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"Heroin: A public health emergency" (Baltimore Sun) July 19, 2015

As an ER doctor, I have treated hundreds of patients who were dying of heroin overdose, and I know that it is a disease that claims lives. As a family member of loved ones who struggled with addiction, I have seen that heroin isn't just an individual disease; it's a family disease. As a public health official in Baltimore, where an estimated 19,000 of our residents use heroin, I have witnessed how heroin ties into the very fabric of our city; it's a community disease. Read more of Dr. Leana Wen's Baltimore Sun Op-Ed here.

"Health Commissioner’s Statement On Safe Streets East - McElderry Park"

The Baltimore City Health Department stands united with the Police Department and with our city, state and federal partners in reducing violence and promoting safety in Baltimore. Operations of the Safe Streets East site in the McElderry Park community have been indefinitely suspended pending further investigation. Safe Streets has a zero-tolerance policy for felony arrests; therefore, the two Safe Street employees allegedly involved have been terminated.