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Baltimarket is a suite of community-based food access and food justice programs through the Baltimore City Health Department. Baltimarket’s mission is to improve the health and wellness of Baltimore City residents by using food access and food justice as strategies for community transformation.  Baltimarket programs include the Virtual Supermarket Program, Healthy Stores Program, and Food Justice Forum. 

Baltimarket Virtual Supermarket Program

The Virtual Supermarket Program is an innovative approach to address Healthy Food Priority Areas. It uses online grocery ordering and delivery to bring food to neighborhoods with low vehicle ownership and inadequate access to healthy foods. It enables residents to order groceries at their local library, senior/disabled housing, public housing, or from any computer and pick up their order at their community site with no delivery cost.

It is the mission of the Virtual Supermarket Program to work with communities and grocery stores to bring access to healthy foods. We teach Baltimore residents online grocery ordering and community organizing skills to encourage ownership of their local food environments.

At Virtual Supermarket Program sites, community members are trained as Neighborhood Food Advocates.  These leaders help to sustain the programs at a given site by placing orders and helping with delivery each week. Neighborhood Food Advocates aim to generate sustainable, community-driven approaches to increasing food access through community organizing and mobilization. The initiative is driven by the desire to address root causes of inequities in Baltimore’s food system.

The Healthy Stores program engages with corner stores and youth to increase supply and demand for healthy foods. In corner stores, the program provides owners with start-up incentives and infrastructure, nutrition education, and marketing strategies to enable small stores to stock and sell healthier foods. Participating stores are required to stock designated varieties and forms of fruits and vegetables, healthy drinks including water and other items to make a complete healthy meal.

The Baltimarket Healthy Stores Program builds the capacity of community based organizations to engage in resident training and nutrition education. The program provides funding, training, technical assistance.Program Contact: Jasina Wise, Food Access and Nutrition Manager | 410.396.8951 | [email protected]


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