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Baltimore health commissioner continues outreach to address heroin crisis

The fight against heroin in Baltimore City seems to be at a critical point.

Md. health centers concerned there are too few treatment slots for addicts

Some Maryland health centers are reluctant to screen patients for drug abuse as part of a state intervention program because they’re concerned that there are not enough treatment beds available for

Baltimore offers one crisis line for substance use and mental health

As part of their response to the opioid crisis, Baltimore City officials have launched a new hotline number for residents for substance abuse and mental health crisis calls.

Baltimore Health Commissioner Issues Overdose Prevention Plan

Baltimore City Health Commissioner Leana Wen announced Wednesday that the city plans to issue a “standing order” for a medication that completely reverses the effect of an opioid overdose.

New Maryland law allows for blanket prescription for heroin overdose drug

Thousands of people have been trained to use a drug that prevents heroin overdoses, but many have faced a hurdle to obtaining naloxone — a doctor's prescription.

Baltimore Health Department launches youth violence prevention program

A new youth anti-violence campaign is underway in Baltimore City.

New Maryland laws go into effect Oct. 1

A slew of new laws go into effect in Maryland on Oct. 1. The laws address everything from hit-and-run suspects to increasing highway speed limits.

Restaurants shut down by Health Department now have to post violations

The lights are dark, the door is locked, and according to a sign out front, Cinco de Mayo Restaurant on Eastern Avenue is closed.

Baltimore Health Dept. Awarded Over $20 Million To Combat Aids

The Baltimore City Health Department has been given a grant of over $20 million by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases throughout the city.

Baltimore to use up to $22.8M federal funding for HIV outreach

The Baltimore City Health Department has received federal grant funding worth up to $22.8 million over four years that will go toward strengthening the city’s HIV prevention strategy.