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The low-tech approach to Zika

Even though Zika virus is unlikely

Boston Public Health Commission Urges FDA to Issue Warnings for Dangerous Combination of Medications

Monica Valdes Lupi from the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) has joined city and state health directors from across the country in calling on the U.S.

Doctors petition FDA for 'black box' warning on combining painkillers, tranquilizers

Public health directors from around the nation demanded the FDA label prescription painkillers and sedatives with its strongest warning in a petition delivered to the federal agency Monday.

'Black box' FDA warning urged for opioid and benzodiazepine combo

Public health officials are calling on the U.S.

Health officials push FDA to add ‘black box’ warnings about using opioids, benzodiazepines together

Dozens of public health officials and academics across the country are pushing the Food and Drug Administration to warn people about the potential dangers of taking powerful prescription painkiller

Health officials petition FDA for warning labels on painkillers

City and state health directors are urging the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to put warning labels on powerful painkillers that can be fatal when taken with other drugs.

Opioids and Benzos not a good combination, health directors say

Baltimore Health Commissioner Leana Wen will join other health directors across the country today in asking the federal government to require a "black box warning" when prescribing opioids with a c

Opioids: R.I. health director sounds alert about painkiller/tranquilizer combination

Rhode Island’s health director is co-leading a nationwide petition drive to ur

Baltimore Health Officials Create Group To Combat Zika Virus

A special group has been put together to prepare for any potential dangers the Zika virus could have on Baltimore City.

This map looks at life expectancy in Baltimore neighborhoods and other countries

Sandtown Winchester residents have the same life expectancy as North Koreans. Wow.

That’s one takeaway from a new map produced by the Capital News Service.