Support Baltimore’s Synthetic Drug Ban

Baltimore City Emergency Departments are reporting a marked increase in ER visits due to overdoses on synthetic drugs.  These are mostly young people who come in completely unresponsive and are increasingly dying from symptoms related to these drugs.  We need your commitment not to sell these dangerous, illegal products in your stores.   

Marketed as safe alternatives to illicit drugs, these products often contain untested chemical compounds that can have devastating effects on users.  k21

Most popularly known as K2, Spice, or Bath Salts, these products are illegal in the State of Maryland but, due to the complex chemical nature of the product, enforcement is often challenging.  

We are increasing our authority to impose stiff penalties on those who ignore the law and continue to sell these products to the public. 

Currently, BCHD  is presenting a bill to the City Council that would prohibit the distribution of synthetic drugs by all licensees of the health department.  

But to get the word out, we need your help! 

Sign our peition today, and help stop synthetic drugs from spreading in our communties.

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